Necro Studio | About Us
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About Us


Established since 2016 by the founder, Almarhum Muhammad Muhsin with his parner, Joe.

At that time, we only start with photoshoot service.

At Necro Studio, we want to help product owners build their company branding  as well in order to compete more vigorously. We aware of the importance of online advertising that helps a brand to grow. So with Necro Studio, our goal is to help more business people out there. After facing various challenges, now Necro Studio has its own range of expertise.


Our vision is clear, to produce high quality designs to help more traders out there. Our mission is to make sure all the job we get, must be deliver within the dateline and the quality has to meed its the standard.

Graphic Design0%
Web Development0%



Hidup UMNO!


Chief Executive Officer

I think about the end just too much, but its fun to fantasize.


Graphic Illustrator

An empire not build in a second. Its need hardwork and teamwork.


Creative Director

Choose your life wisely.


Junior Photographer

Saya Bangga Menjadi Surirumah Sepenuh Masa.

Fatin Mn

Sleeper Cells
Abg mtno

Live with a better future.


3D Artist

There are things you can't see unless you change your standing.


Senior Graphic Designer

Viva for life.




At Necro Studio, we aim to deliver high quality design for our customers.

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Research and Market Survey

Before we started any design, we will do a simple market research and survey to understand our clients problem and their competitors. So we can build good design that can beat the competitors.

Design Proof and Verification

After making any design, we will make sure all the design has been met our clients requirement. If there’s still problem, we will do amendments as many as we can.

User Friendly

We will make sure every design we make is user friendly. The font will be clear to read. The button will easy to click and access. The image must be clear not blurred. Everything must be user friendly!

Fully Customizable

We can do any type of design. Even the biggest billboard we can do. Even the hardest web coding we can code. Just prepare the payment and we will deliver our job.

100% Payment Terms

At Necro Studio, we aim better environment between us and our client. So we will make sure 100% payment has been cleared before we deliver any job to our client. This to make sure our company will stay operated and all overhead been covered.

Custom Order & Flexible Time

You don’t have much budget? Don’t worry, we can accept custom order to meet your minimum budget. Our time also flexible. You can meet us anytime you want but need to inform us early to make sure our time is available to attend you.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work.